Need a custom server built or just a Virtual Machine?

Queensland Hosting builds servers specifically for your business needs using mission critical, battle-tested hardware components from SuperMicro and software by vmware. You may have remote offices in locations where internet is unreliable, and a custom built onsite server systems are best suited. Low power redundant solutions and hosted data centre rack equipment can be purchased or rented for any lenght of time.

What sets Supermicro apart from the competition is an onsite Research and Development team. From a single server component to a complete state-of-the-art server system, every design aspect of each product is built with quality, reliability, and optimized performance. Our engineering effort virtually eliminates the possibility of system downtime, providing our customers with peace of mind and dramatically reducing their total cost of ownership.

IT managers are increasingly seeking out suppliers whose offerings are not only high-performing and cost-effective but also energy-efficient. The primary driver for the adoption of Green IT is economic: to reduce skyrocketing data center operational costs. As energy costs continue to escalate, it is generally accepted that users will spend significantly more to power and cool their server hardware over its lifetime than they do to purchase it.

Earth-friendly Product Advantages with Green Computing

Supermicro leverages advanced technology and system design expertise to reduce the power consumption of our server, blade, workstation and storage systems. Over many years of experience, we have become an industry leader in power saving technology. Power saving technology goes hand in hand with VMWare software solutions. QldHosting provides competitive packages to host your individual server requirements. Turn key and custom solutions are available.

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