SpamTitan Anti Spam


is a complete software solution to email security offering protection from Spam, Viruses, Trojans, Phishing and unwanted content.

Feature Set
Two Anti Virus engines including ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs
Multi layered Anti Spam analyses resulting in 98% plus Spam detection
Less than 0.03% False Positive Rate
Content Filtering
Inward and outward email scanning
Email Disclaimer capability
Simple download and installation process
Plug and Play Solution
End user Spam management using email quarantine reports
Web based administrative GUI
Multiple automated reports
Automated updating including anti virus, anti spam, version releases and system backup
LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
Per domain administrators
Per domain reports
Multi node Cluster

SpamTitan is available in three flavours, SpamTitan ISO, SpamTitan for VMware® and SpamTitan On Demand, all of which can be set up and configured for free.

Which is for me?

SpamTitan ISO SpamTitan for VMware® and SpamTitan On Demand have identical functionality, operating systems and support costs. All can be set-up and configured quickly and simply. Which you choose to install is entirely dependant on your own requirements.

SpamTitan ISO is a complete operating system and software suite image. When installed on a PC or server, it will clear any existing operating system, replacing it with its own and the SpamTitan software suite resulting in a dedicated SpamTitan email appliance for your gateway.

SpamTitan for VMware® is a complete operating system and software suite designed to run on VMware®. This will enable you to run SpamTitan on any server running VMware® irrespective of the operating system, allowing you to run multiple applications on a single server. For more information and to download a copy of VMware® click here.

SpamTitan Appliance on Demand is a cloud based SpamTitan virtual appliance available on demand and dedicated to your organisation. This unique deployment option gives you all the benefits of an appliance based solution but without having to utilise your own resources. The full solution is offered by SpamTitan so you don't even have to deal with a hosting company. Click here for full technical specifications.


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